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布鲁塞尔运动鞋&街头服饰商店的概念和室内设计/Joshua Florquin Architect
Avenue Adolf Max 3 , 1000 Brussels

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项目位置:Avenue Adolf Max 3 , 1000 Brussels


业主:Pieter & Jan Pauwels - Panthers Brussels

摄影师:Matteo Rossi

Program:concept and interior design of a sneaker & street wear store

Location:Avenue Adolf Max 3 , 1000 Brussels

Date:January 2015

Client:Pieter & Jan Pauwels - Panthers Brussels

Architect:Joshua Florquin Architect

Photography:Matteo Rossi

Panthers Brussels是一个运动鞋&街头服饰商店,主营兼具性能&生活品味的运动鞋。他们是比利时为数不多的耐克&阿迪达斯‘niche’模式的总经销。

Pieter Pauwels,商店老板之一是乔丹的忠实粉丝。他参考了乔丹的昵称:黑豹(Black Panther),将店铺命名为Panthers。

Panthers Brussels is a sneaker & street wear store, specialized in performance & lifestyle sneakers. They are one of the few in Belgium who 

distribute exclusively Nike & Adidas 'niche' models. Pieter Pauwels, one of the store owners, is a big fan of Michael Jordan. He came up with the 

idea to call the store Panthers, referring to Jordan's nickname: Black Panther.

作为比利时销售链的第三部分Panthers需要一个能体现其高端性和独特性的展示区。他们委托Joshua Florquin建筑师完成店铺的概念和室内设计。这个

商店坐落在一栋20世纪新古典主义风格的美丽建筑中,靠近布鲁塞尔市中心附近的交易所。它的平面为正方形的,使用面积36 m²拥有一个大窗户以及


For the third installment of the chain in Belgium, Panthers wanted a store that showed high end and exclusiveness. They commissioned Joshua 

Florquin Architect to come up with a new concept and interior design. The store is located in a beautiful 20th century neo classical building in 

central Brussels near La Bourse . It has a squared surface of 36m², with one large window and door giving on a shopping avenue.


The challenge of this project was to create a high end store with a large choice of shoes on a relatively small surface.




The solution lies in the idea of creating an environment where you feel as if you were searching for a precious object: your special shoe. Design 

and morphology of the store represent an underground mine with rock and metal elements materialized through the use of black stained 

plywood, rude oak and brass, emphasizing the exclusive feeling. The rocks are designed so shoes can be displayed in many ways and in many 

numbers, keeping a harmony in presentation. The rock formations also invite people to sit on them and try out the shoes thus making them 

functional. The central rock element is key to the circulation of the store, making it circular and dynamic. Brass rock elements highlight certain 

shoe models making them special.


The beautiful reflective brass coated wall carrying the panthers logo is visible from the street making the store a land mark in the sneaker 

world of Brussels.

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