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巴塞罗那 超级市场/Simon Garcia |

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该建筑项目由Valentí Álvarez Planas 建筑工作室负责设计建造,为综合整修项目,采用现代化的设计方式,来进行空间的拓展,来提升整体的功能设施,来彻底改变内外部空间。

The building done by the architect Valentí Álvarez Planas (ARQUITACTÚA), defines the comprehensive refurbishment in order to modernize it to boost its activity through the expansion of spaces and uses, redistribution of the trade routes, the improvement of all its facilities and a radical and total change of the interior and exterior image.


Regarding spaces and uses, the reform contemplates the enlargement of the building volume in an area attached to the supermarket with the purpose of installing a new logistic area and thus free up space existing in order to expand the sales room.


It’s also envisaged the redistribution of the rest of the building surface occupied by the market in order to free up remaining spaces, and thus be able to relocate the National Police and offer in addition to a new area destined to commercial local, both of them with independent access from the square. 


The new distributions raised are adapted to the maximum to the rigid original layout in diagonal of some stands that were not finally object of the reform.


For the redistribution of the uses it has been taken in to account its relationship of these with the outside (square and the commercial axis of the city), enhancing the circulations and the main visuals through the replacement of the opaque system of concrete prefabricated panels that originally composed the facade, by another completely glazing system with the intention of establish a greater transparency and visual communication between the inside and the outside.

全套的玻璃幕墙由Technal Geode公司提供,正式的框架结构,通过一个2,5米的树冠状空间。

All this set of new glazed areas realized with Technal Geode curtain wall, is formally framed through a canopy of 2.5 m. 


width coated by aluminum and located at medium height of the facade, and that rises up to the summit in the corner next to the square, showing that point as the main access to the market. 


The rest of facade remains opaque, but its appearance is completely changed with the cladding of the prefabricated panels of concrete through folded and perforated sheet of galvanized steel, of variable rhythm and lacquered with many colors relating to the colorful existing on the mountain, right below which the refurbished building is located.

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