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黑色的凝炼 BLACK SOUL/大成設計
中国 福州












Interior Design:  Alex

Cooperative Desig: Chen Shen Zhong 

Design Company: JST Micro-design Laboratory ,(Alex)Chief Officer of Synthesis of DC. DESIGN(

Area: 270㎡

Location: Fu Zhou, China 

Completion: 2017.07

Photographer: LiDi 

Lighting design: XuFengBing 

Main Materials: wood veneer, stone cover, steel, paint

Special Thanks: VISION


Speaking of black, white, gray, there are always associated with "sexlessness". Actually, it is a walking aphrodisiac. The condensation of black, pureness of white, coordination of gray, a deeper desire is hidden in the interaction of the three, making space like a cold and hot poem


A modern space in strong sense of design reveals the cold wall in darkness; the bark without any treatment maintains a natural texture, showing the original beauty. All materials have their own emotions and memories. It is very important for designers to make skillful application of each kind of emotional memory in space. 

一抹不经意的黄,透着清简和暖意;阳光洒落Togo椅面,慵懒而充满趣味;块状的自然木铺造的不规则天花板,都令空间增色不少。微风吹拂着白色的百叶窗,像极了对少女的爱抚,悸动中透着一丝暧昧... 巨大的落地玻璃窗完美地呈现绿意盎然的世界,微弱的精油香氛,带来的是柔和的分子。 

A touch of casual yellow reveals conciseness and warmth; the sun casts on the Togo chair, lazy and full of fun; the irregular blocks of natural wood flooring adds a lot of fun to the space. Breeze blows white shutters, like the caress of the girl, revealing a trace of ambiguous tone, the huge glass windows perfectly presents the green world. The weak fragrance of the oil brings the gentle molecule. 


Stairs abandons the traditional processing techniques. The handrails uses the concise gray-blue tone, calm and restrained, forming a rigorous style with the owner. The large pieces of stone penetrate three layers to well guarantee the space continuity. Looking down from a height, the whole space is like a thick arm, and also a harbor, where the soul get rest. 


The steel cut off carries the function of natural partition of the dining room and living room; the irregular steel slanting arrangement both adds a tone of fun to the space and introduce the restaurant's natural light to the stairs.  


Gold is the most popular home color this year, which adds a trace of luxury and romanticism to the stereotyped sexless style. The rose gold in a dazzling bright tone is like the sunset in the desert, in the sense of sophistication, while without losing the fashionable integration. The table below uses a snow-white Carrara white; it has jade moist, elegant atmosphere, as if in the quiet space and time.


Classic, mysterious, domineering creates the myth of senior immortal black. The shelves are in uniformly back, mature and stable without losing the stunning charm, similar to the hot heart inside the appearance without temperature. The thin edge is like vertical and horizontal lines. Only a glance can make you fall into love with it.  


The designer intends to replace the wall with the combination of glass and steel. The outdoor light wishfully flows in the corridors and staircases, in the tone of "borrowing the light by digging the wall."


The toilet is connected with the cloakroom to ease the sense of the cramped space. At the same time, it plans the separation of wet and dry, so as to save the worries of the master. 


Blue represents pureness and thirst for knowledge, like the endless sea, universe waiting for unlock and the autumn sky, etc. It is a beautiful vision. The children's room is in blue-based tone, mixed with a little beige, impressing people with the soft touch to ease the boring space. The adding of agate blue, embellishment increases a touch of dynamic sense. 

安徒生说,仅仅是活着是不够的,还需要有阳光、自由,和一点花的芬芳。在每一个闲适的周末,惬意地躺在ligne Roset大床上,看温煦阳光懒懒爬进窗子,开始美好的一天。灰调的窗帘和素净的薄纱是优雅风情的最好色彩,令空间的干净与温暖气息,在深与浅的碰撞中造就一个诗意的存在。

Andersen said that it is not enough for being alive, but also need sunshine, freedom and a little fragrance of flowers. In every leisurely weekend, comfortably lie in the bed of ligne Roset, watch the warm sunshine casting into the window, and start a beautiful day. Gray-toned curtains and plain chiffon are the finest colors in an elegant atmosphere, creating a clean, warm atmosphere in space, creating a poetic presence in deep and shallow collisions. 

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