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《流》Wavelet – GeeksArt


Water forms part of everyone’s childhood memory, whether its swimming in the ocean, paddling in the pool, dipping in the lake or horsing around with a hose pipe.Water can take any shape and reacts immediately to any external force; perhaps the unpredictable nature of water is what intrigues people to play with it, what causes children to spend an afternoon of excitement under its spell. Truly, in water Nature has designed an incomparably ingenious medium of interaction.


Everything and everyone of us is interconnected in a myriad of ways: people with other people and all of us with the environment. Life is comparable to an expanding ripple across the water. Everything we do and think affects the people in our lives and their reactions in turn affect others. The choices we make have far-reaching consequences. Each of us carries the capacity to change the world in small ways for better or worse. If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do. Wavelet is created to demonstrate this phenomenon. It creates an unforgettable experience and turns audiences into participants and co-creators.

《流》Wavelet 是由千核科技旗下的新媒体艺术团队GeeksArt,打造的一件互动灯光艺术装置作品。用光的变化模拟了“流水”的趣味,并增添了一丝浪漫色彩。作品由1300个感应灯组成,半弧形的水滴切割设计让光在流动时具有了一定的方向感。当参与者用发光的物体靠近其中一颗“水滴”时,它会立即被点亮,并将这一点光传递给周围的“水滴”。一道看得见的“光波”随之一直延展到装置的边缘,如同你在湖水中投入一粒石子引起的涟漪。

Wavelet is an interactive light installation created by Geeksart New Media Art Group. It uses the changing light to mimic the flowing water. Wavelet is composed of 1,300 light-responsive light bulbs. Each light bulb is designed in an arc shape, which gives the light wave a distinct direction.


Each of the teardrop-shaped light bulbs is embedded with custom-made electronics that detect and react to changes in light and colour. When any of the light bulbs detect a change in colour or light, it displays the colour accordingly. When any of of the lights are turned on, the adjacent light bulbs react to the light change and the light waves automatically expand out to the very edge of the installation. From a single source of light, waves spread out like a series of dominoes. The random variable patterns created give a pleasant surprise to the audience.

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