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以色列住宅/Neuman Hayner Architects

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结构:Neuman Hayner Architects

设计团队:Sharon Neuman, Tamar Zohar


地点:以色列 Even Yehuda

摄影师:© Amit Gosher

Plot: 362 sqm

Area: 180 sqm

Architecture: Neuman Hayner Architects

Design Team: Sharon Neuman, Tamar Zohar

Project Year: 2015

Location: Even Yehuda, Israel

Photography: © Amit Gosher


The house was built on an unusual two-family lot, shaped like a piece of Tetris. The house consists of a square and a rectangle that are connected by a gray wall. Outside and inside, the wall plays a significant role in dividing and connecting the parts of the house. 


Externally, the gray wall, which was emphasized by plaster in a special texture, constitutes a link connecting the two parts of the house. Inside, covered with the same plaster, the wall creates a buffer: On the entry level, the wall separates the main area from the guest rooms and the safe room. On the top floor, the gray wall separates the three children's rooms from the parents' unit. 


From the top landing of the staircase leading to the entrance to the parents' unit, a bridge leads to the children's rooms. The bridge is built of wood, leaning on a massive frame of iron beams and enclosed by a safety net rail made of iron. Through the large windows located along the bridge, daylight penetrates the whole main area, entrance, dining area and living room.


In contrast to the current fashion of opening the house to the outside as much as possible, the architect designed and built a ventilated house flooded with natural light, which flows through openings framed in aluminum frames of various thicknesses. Glass and frosted glass were added in some of the doors and windows, emphasizing the transparency of the other parts. The opening windows are designed to create air circulation that helps maintain air-conditioned temperatures all year round.

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