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加拿大G’Day住宅/Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses

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建筑设计公司:Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses 




指导设计师:Matt Mcleod, Lisa Bovell

其他结构设计:KSM Associates

土木工程:Creus Engineering

承包商:J. Bannister Homes

景观设计:Botanica Design

磨光工作:Munro Wood

上釉工作:Atlas Meridian Glassworks

灯光&家具:Living Space

水管装置:Ambient Showroom

摄影:Ema Peter

Project name: G’Day House 

Architect’s Firm: Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses 

Project location: West Vancouver, Canada 

Completion Year: 2016 

Gross Built Area (square foot): 4,400 ft2 (409 m2) 

Lead Architects: Matt Mcleod, Lisa Bovell 

Other participants Structural: KSM Associates 

Civil: Creus Engineering

Contractor: J. Bannister Homes 

Landscape: Botanica Design

Millwork: Munro Wood

Glazing work: Atlas Meridian Glassworks

Lighting & Furnishing: Living Space

Plumbing: Ambient Showroom 

Photo credits: Ema Peter

G'Day 住宅是一个澳大利亚前外籍家庭的委托项目,他们要求住宅的氛围轻松娱乐,同时帮助他们重新适应温暖的气候地区的沈国。当房子东南角的无柱滑动门打开时,起居室的面积加倍; 室内和室外的空间布局同等重要。

The G’Day House is a commission for an Australian ex-patriate family, who requested a home that wouldsupport a relaxed attitude toward daily life and would help them re-connect with a warm-weather lifestyle.Column-free sliding doors at the Southeast corner of the house effectively double the size of the livingarea when open; indoor and outdoor spaces hold equal priority.


Materials, form, and spatial relationships are intended to evoke the feel of a beach house: simple, casual and flexible. The dining table and wood-burning fireplace can both be rotated to support a variety of arrangements depending on weather andnumber of guests. 


As avid hosts, the clients felt that the kitchen should anchor the primary living spaces at the upper floor.Combining the dining room and kitchen into a single long space allowed for a narrow floor-plate and re-sulted in a generous side-yard area, used for outdoor cooking. 


A reflecting pond and fence at the scale ofhouse connect this space with an open terrace to the South and an enclosed garden to the North whilecreating privacy to the street. This sequence of outdoor spaces from front yard to terrace encourages thedirect exterior arrival of guests to the kitchen. 

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