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墨西哥Colonia Condesa公寓/Arquitectura en Movimiento

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建筑设计:Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop,Eduardo Micha,Fabio Correa,Gabriel Merino,Oscar Osorio,Patricia Pérez,Christian Rodriguez,Miguel Ángel Chiney,Néstor Moreno,Eduardo Acosta


地址:Colonia Condesa, Ciudad de México


摄影师:© Rafael Gamo

Architectural Design: Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop,Eduardo Micha,Fabio Correa,Gabriel Merino,Oscar Osorio,Patricia Pérez,Christian Rodriguez,Miguel Ángel Chiney,Néstor Moreno,Eduardo Acosta

Built area: 696 m²

Location: Colonia Condesa, Ciudad de México

Date: 2015

Photography: © Rafael Gamo

该建筑项目为一栋公寓,位于 Colonia Condesa, 是当地较繁华的商业区,这里的夜生活也是异常得精彩的。该建筑所处的街道拥有悠久的历史文化背景,著名的文化基金会--- Fondo de Cultura,古老的照相馆,建于20世纪40年代的,高20米的塔楼也位于此处。

Just BE is an apartment building located in Colonia Condesa, a neighbourhood renownedfor its social and commercial activity as well as its nightlife. The building sits on the same street as the Fondo de Cultura (Cultural Fund) and the old Bella Época cinema theatre, a 1940's building with a 20-meter high tower that is an icon in the area.


We approached this commission by first considering some particular characteristics of thesite, especially its location on the corner of two streets with different energies anddifferent impacts both for residents and the casual passer-by. 

Benjamin Hill林荫路是该区域 重要的路段,汽车,自行车,行人穿行其间,这里曾被称作“车轮市场”,其交通密度可想而知。Calle Reynosa则与之相反,这里显得更加得繁华,道路仅供附近住宅区使用。

Benjamin Hill Avenue is an important circulation artery for cars, bicycles and pedestrians, as well as being an access way to and from the neighbourhood; it is also used occasionally for a local tradition - the market on wheels.In contrast, the Calle Reynosa is a very narrow street that only serves as residential access.

考虑到这些具体情况,我们决定采用两种不用的设计方式:面对Benjamin Hill 林荫路的一面,我们选用木质格状设计,面朝Calle Reynosa的一面,设计为开放式,阳台长度进行适度延长,安装足够高度的玻璃幕墙。

Given these conditions we proposed two distinct fronts: on Benjamin Hill Avenue a frontthat is partially screened by a wooden lattice, and towards Calle Reynosa a front that isopen to the street through long balconies and a full height glass curtain wall.


We have considered the social life and urban activity of the area as vital elements that serve to integrate the building into its context.


As a reference for our design we have recalled a particular object that relates to street lifein the area: a box made of wooden slats often used to carry vegetables, known in Mexicoas 'huacal'. This element suggests enclosure and isolation and, at the same time, theopenness and movement characteristic of a market on wheels.

由于所处的地区,我们需要将建筑的开放降到最低,为此我们选择了两种不同的设计方法:二层处,选用多个垂直的元素(开放式楼梯),可保证楼道间的空气流通,此外,我们打造了多个视觉效果,朝向Culture Fund,同时保证每个公寓内部的空气流通,允许自然光进入到楼内的每个角落处。

The design brief required a minimum open area, which we solved by means of two voidswith clearly defined functions: one that hosts the secondary access by means of verticalcirculation (an open staircase) and supplies air flow, and another void that creates viewstowards the Culture Fund and, at the same time, generates cross-ventilation to the interior of each apartment and allows natural light from all directions. 


We have also added internal balconies towards this inner void.The building floats over a basement level that houses the carpark. 


At the street corner we have created a small public space with an informal seating arrangement made up of wooden cubes against a red tiled wall which lights up at night, creating a welcoming meeting place for the public.


It is interesting to watch passers-by, whether on foot, by car or bike, interact with this space and with the active context surrounding it.The building responds well to the constant dynamics of the cultural, commercial and entertainment area that is Colonia Condesa.


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